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Recent Questions

If i give you my snapchat name would you add me?
6 minutes ago
Would you rate my lyrics?
7 minutes ago
What’s your activity like on this site? Do you ask more, answer more, browse the forum, chat in the...
9 minutes ago
Am I the only one who’s still afraid to get up in the middle of the night to pee?
10 minutes ago
Tell me your deepest, darkest secret.
31 minutes ago
How familiar are you with rejection when it comes to your romantic pursuits/interests? And what’s yo...
55 minutes ago
Most embarrassing moment?
56 minutes ago
Tell me your birthday (month, day, year) and I’ll tell you something about yourself.
56 minutes ago
What color are you and why?
57 minutes ago
I...don’t want to be all dramatic, but I’ve had a crap day, I need one, any, or all of the following...
1 hour ago

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chotano if you spent 1 minute to look back at the original clue you would have it by now
out comes DnD. In goes koisuru shirokuma
もぺもぺ don't search it up at night
^will have a picture of a pine tree <hopes it will actually be a pine tree v doesn't want it to be a...
Lol, nice meme. 👌😏 And that's a great idea about the loops! 🙂 Doing a recursive random par...
The old rule was that you killed 2^n-2 kittens, where n is the number of concurrent posts; except fo...
Well that's what I get for not looking through the whole page. Sorry about the re-post.
Charlemagne's soul was claimed by Pope Leo III.
Users on the forum: DIAV, Lazro, Tinfoil Hatter
I'm pretty sure they're just calling dibs on your soul for when you're done with it. If you aren't ...

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