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Do you ever have that one friend in your friend circle that you really don't vibe the poin...
23 minutes ago
need me a fluffy gf
40 minutes ago
How many eyes does the average person have?
47 minutes ago
Sad playlist = 76 Songs Angry Playlist = 65 Songs Happy Playlist = 7 songs I may need to examine...
1 hour ago
I think the person next to me has a piercing on top of their eye. Is that normal?
2 hours ago
I was born. Lucky me.
2.1 hours ago
Are you a bigot?
3.3 hours ago
I tried Vodka for the first time and it honestly tasted like shit. I want to try a different brand b...
3.4 hours ago
I accidentally deleted a question that had some great replies that I wanted to reply to :( Sorry guy...
3.5 hours ago
I think my baby is broken, it won’t stop laughing
3.8 hours ago

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I love backgammon. I never have anyone to play with though.
How about someone else run the game? Anyone up for the task?
Twerkin’. This is a new enemy of the human society. Many people, not just young ladies, are engagi...
Given that this is more of a morality and beliefs-based thread than it is a cold-hard-logic thread,...
What do you take me for? Clearly, I committed the next crime up from that! I accuse NP of using the...
Granted, they are all in Cambodian Riels. I wish for more model paint.
idk why you'd want that. You win The power to selectively forget things, but only those that you wo...
I would post it, but it's my password for this site
the terrible aardvark
Banned for failure to comply with my secret plans for world domination.
Out comes secretly shrinking products. In goes me
Maybe we should PARTY while we wait

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