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Lord Kalvan Series (#1-6) by John F. Carr
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Overview: John Francis Carr is a science fiction editor and writer. His works include the space opera The Ophidian Conspiracy and several novels (some co-written with Roland J Green) set in the Paratime universe of H Beam Piper.

Carr is also recognized as an editor, having edited numerous collections or series involving Libertarian science fiction and Military science fiction. He often works with Jerry Pournelle and may be best known for this. In 2002 Carr and Pournelle were honored with a Prometheus Award for editing The Survival of Freedom.
Genre: Science Fiction / Alternate History / Fantasy

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Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen (by H. Beam Piper, original author) (Lord Kalvan #1)
Cpl. Calvin Morrison of the Pennsylvania State Police goes out to arrest a killer, stumbles into a lateral time machine, and falls suddenly into the feudal princedom of Hostigos, which is not in another world, but right in the middle of Pennsylvania. Hostigos, ruled by a benevolent prince with a beautiful daughter, faces the short end of a war of extermination. Morrison has a chance to display his leadership ability, utilize his knowledge of military history, rescue the princedom, and wed the princess (who could never be mistaken for the stereotypical damsel in distress). But can he do it before he is hunted down by the Paratime Police? He did, after all, manage to shoot a Paratime Policeman when he stumbled into the lateral time machine.
Piper explores the ramifications of alternate universes and parallel time lines, and makes good use of his knowledge of Renaissance military science in crafting a fast moving, entertaining novella. He should have written a novel.

Great Kings War (with Roland J Green) (Lord Kalvan #2)
Calvin Morrison was a pretty good cop in Pennsylvaniauntil he was scooped up by the cross-time flying saucer and transported to Styphons House Subsector, a 16th Century equivalent parallel time-line. Here the Indo-Aryan invasions went east across Asia and down the Aleutian Islands into North America, where they have stagnated for thousands of years. Dropped off into the middle of a local dispute, Corporal Calvin Morrison comes face to face with warriors armed with pikes and broadswords, not petty criminals. Lord Kalvan, as the locals call him, transforms the petty Princedom of Hostigos into a fearsome warrior Kingdom by inspired leadership and advanced military knowledge. And, now, after having created and saved his new nation of Hos-Hostigos from destruction by Styphons House, a tyrannical theocracy that holds sacred the secret formula for gunpowder, Kalvan, now Great King of Hos-Hostigos, faces his greatest challengekeeping what he has won. The Holy Host of Styphon and the Royal Army of Hos-Harphax, two of the greatest armies in the history of the Five Kingdoms, are on the move and Kalvan will once again have to call upon his knowledge of military history to save his family and friends. This time its personal!

Kalvan Kingmaker (Lord Kalvan #3)
Kalvan Kingmaker is the 3rd in the Kalvan Saga, after H. Beam Piper's groundbreaking parallel world's SF novel, Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, and the sequel, Great Kings' War by John F. Carr and Roland Green. The Paratime Police patrol an infinity of alternate earths. Their prime directive is to protect the Paratime Secret thereby keeping this infinity of worlds from mixing and destroying each other, or from learning the parasitical Home Time Line is secretly looting their resources. When Penn. State Policeman Calvin Morrison is accidentally dropped off from a cross-time conveyer onto Styphon's House Subsector, he threatens both the Paratime Secret and leadership of the gunpowder theocracy, who owe their power to their secret knowledge of the "fireseed" formula. In just a few weeks, by the use of his knowledge of military strategy, Kalvan saves the small princedom of Hostigos from an invasion orchestrated by Styphon's House. Kalvan Kingmaker opens right after Kalvan's decisive victory over the Holy Host of Styphon. With Great King Kaiphranos of Hos-Harphax in mourning over his eldest son's death, the time is ripe for the Army of Hostigos to invade Harphax and topple the Iron Throne.At the holy city of Balph, the Inner Circle is reeling. Archpriest Roxthar, a rare true believer in Styphon, is conducting a full-blown inquisition of Styphon's corrupt upper priesthood. Once his reformation is complete, Roxthar's next job will to rebuild the Holy Host and defeat and destroy the Usurper Kalvan. Meanwhile, there is a great migration of nomads across the Sea of Grass; they are the wild card. As the nomads pour across the Great Middle River, pushing the clans and tribes that live there into the Great Kingdoms, the big question soon becomes: Will Styphon's House be buried by the human wave, or will they use the nomads in their war to the death with Kalvan and Hos-Hostigos?

Siege of Tarr-Hostigos (Lord Kalvan #4)
The long awaited sequel to Kalvan Kingmaker begins after Kalvan's resounding defeat of the nomad clans with the full-scale invasion of Hos-Hostigos by the Grand Host of Styphon's House. It is a war that will cost Kalvan good friends, part of his family and maybe even the kingdom as Styphon's House is determined to put his subjects to the Inquisition and kill him and his family. Efforts to help from Paratime Police Chief are frustrated by bureaucratic regulations, the study team and pure First Level red tape.. and then the study team run headlong into the Grand Host.

The Fireseed Wars (Lord Kalvan #5)
THE FIRESEED WARS opens right after the Siege of Tarr-Hostigos, with Great King Kalvan in full retreat from the victorious armies of Styphon's House. With the Kingdom of Hos-Hostigos in ruins and under Investigation, King Kalvan faces his greatest challenge since arriving in Hostigos. Kalvan has to find a way to outrun the Grand Host of Styphon's House and save his subjects from the inquisition of Archpriest Roxthar and his thugs. Using scorched earth tactics, Kalvan flees with a quarter of a million refugees, a ragtag army, completely dependent upon him for salvation. To the northwest, lies the Upper Middle Kingdoms where King Theovacar of Grefftscharr awaits with his Navy and Army. Theovacar, the ruler of the largest territory in the Middle Kingdoms, doesn't want any competition from an outsider-especially one with as big an army as Kalvan's. To the southwest, awaits the army of Nestros the Traitor, Great King of Hos-Rathon, who has allied himself with the godless priests of Styphon's House. Verkan Vall, Paratime Police Chief, faces his own battles on Home Time Line as his enemies engage in a relentless propaganda war against him and his administration. Shackled by work to First Level, Verkan deals with corruption inside and outside the Paratime Police Department. His enemies are legion and threaten the stability of Home Time Line as well as the Paratime Secret forcing him to make the most momentous decision of his career. Styphon's House on Earth has a new Styphon's Voice and he means business. Having defeated Kalvan's army at Ardros Field, the Gunpowder Theocracy is determined to turn the Five Great Kingdoms into their personal fiefdom. It's no longer just a fight between Kalvan and Styphon's House; it's a war of total destruction. And Styphon's House intends to win by any means!

Gunpowder God (Lord Kalvan #6)
Now that the siege of Thagnor City has been lifted, Great King Kalvan finally has some breathing room. Styphon’s House has left the Upper Middle Kingdoms to lick its wounds and make trouble elsewhere in the Great Kingdoms. However, instead of waiting for the ruling houses to realize they no longer need Styphon’s House’s support, the Temple has decided to put its own puppets on the thrones of the Five Great Kingdoms.

The result is Kalvan’s greatest fear—an all-out religious war. Styphon’s Own Voice has ordered Grand Master Soton to put together another huge army, the Host of Styphon’s Deliverance, to conquer the Kingdom of Hos-Agrys. The Agrysi League of Dralm begs Kalvan for aid against Styphon’s great host, but Kalvan has troubles of his own with Nythros, the last bastion of Styphon’s House in the Middle Kingdoms. He is more worried about this threat than anything that is happening in the Five Great Kingdoms. After all, where was the League of Dralm when Hostigos was under siege? A decision Kalvan may yet come to rue….

Meanwhile, Prince Phidestros has his own problems. Great King Lysandros is returning from the disastrous siege of Thagnor with his tail between his legs. But Lysandros is not going to be happy when he finds out what’s been going on in Harphax City while he’s been off fighting Kalvan—nor will Styphon’s House.

Verkan Vall is enjoying the challenges of being the new King of Greffa, but in his absence things on First Level have gone straight to hell. New Paratime Police Chief Dalla Hadron is having the devil’s own time keeping the lid on the prole situation and it seems as though trouble is brewing all over Dhergabar City. After ten thousand years of peace and parasitically living off of other time-lines, the hounds of war are finally returning to Home Time Line with a vengeance!

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